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Be inspired by the latest Dragon Speech Recognition software and write up to 3x faster than typing. Leveraging the latest Deep Learning Technology, Dragon constantly learns and adapts to your unique voice. Whether you are a blogger, an author or simply want to cut through your email & working day faster, Dragon is for you.

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Dragon Professional Individual, v15
Faster and more accurate than ever before, Dragon Professional lets you interact with your computer anywhere you normally type.
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Windows and MacOS products differ in their capabilities.
Dragon Professional Individual, v15 with Vansonic Headset
Recommended for Dragon Professional the Vansonic headset with USB adaptor delivers superior audio input and speech accuracy.
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Dragon Professional Individual, v15 with Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset
The Dragon Bluetooth Wireless headset is specifically designed to optimise the performance and accuracy of your Dragon Professional software.
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What do you get with Dragon Professional Individual, v15?
Next-generation 'Deep Learning' speech engine.
With over 2,000 voice and language scientists dedicated to innovating and developing new features, Dragon introduces 'Deep Learning' technology and adaptation techniques that continuously adjust to your voice even if you have an accent or if you're in an environment where there are slight background noises.
Advanced formatting and impressive recognition improvements.
Version 15 delivers laser-sharp recognition results when dictating numbers, email addresses, and place names based on how we normally speak, resulting in effortless post-editing corrections. Examples include: 'quarter to five' -> '4:45'.
Enriched user interface and experience.
Dragon delivers an exceptional user experience that makes powerful features easier to discover and use, such as an improved 'Options' menu, improved browser experience, and a blazing-fast startup time. And Dragon is fully optimised for use with Windows 10 touchscreen laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
You're going to love it. Guaranteed.
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